Save: Ink, Money, Environment

Although since graduating I spend more time staring at web pages than books or course packets, I still appreciate the printed page.

I’ve always found it easier to track and annotate printed information than electronic, and my genetically disadvantaged eyes enjoy the relief from screen glare paper provides.  However, as a person on a budget and self-proclaimed environmentalist, I still feel guilty printing anything I don’t know I’ll keep.

Luckily, along comes a lovely Dutch innovation… Spranq Eco Sans. Developed by SPRANQ creative communications of Utrecht, Netherlands, Spranq Eco Sans is a lovely sans serif font intended to be the economical, ecological workhorse of the daily printer.


By cutting small circles in the middle of each character, Spranq Eco Sans reduces the typeface’s surface area by 30% while remaining easily legible.  Thus, using the font to print out e-mails, news articles, or paper drafts for personal use can help you stretch the toner cartridge on your favorite printer.  It can also help you rest easy at night, knowing you’re limiting the chemicals you put out into the environment in your printed works.


The font itself is round and playful, somewhere along the lines of Tahoma or Verdana.  However, the circles cut inside do limit its utility for design work.

You can download Spranq Eco Sans for free here.  The website provides support links for help installing the font.  Once installed properly you should be able to access the font on any programs you use on your computer including Microsoft Office, iWork, and Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Other quick printing tips to save yourself money and trips to the office supply store:

  • Reset your document default settings in your favorite word processor to 1″ margins.  You can print more on your page, and for the wordy students out there, squeak under the page limit on your latest assignment.
  • Set your default printer settings to draft or quick printing quality.  Ink saturation levels will be lower and you can always change to high quality  when you need to present something perfect.

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