New Addition: Social Vibe

I love  I think it offers a superior product for free blogging software with a professional, clean look and limitless customization.  Now I have another reason to love WordPress, SocialVibe.

Social Vibe is an online tool  WordPress has added support for that pairs up charitable causes with advertisers to raise funds for the cause.  If you click on the SocialVibe widget on the right hand column on my blog and watch a short ( a minute or so) video from my sponsor, they’ll donate a small amount to my chosen cause.

While I would generally like to avoid having advertising on my page, I’m glad to make the exception here.  While I work on getting myself into a position where I can help causes I believe in more directly, I’d like to do what I can, and this is certainly a great way to do it.

I’ve chosen Direct Relief International as my cause to support.  It’s an excellent, well-established organization that provides medical supplies and care both in the U.S. and abroad to those affected by poverty and natural disasters.  100% of donations to DRI go to programs, as an endowment left to the organization allows it to cover all of its administrative and fundraising costs.

PowerBar will serve as my sponsor.  Their video series discusses energy food options for endurance sports and how to best utilize them.  It could be fairly useful for the increasing number of people I see taking up marathon running, and educational if nothing else.

I thoroughly appreciate all of you who read this blog and thank you in advance for your contributions.

Note: I’m having some problems with PowerBar’s video blocking the rating system which translates into donations.  I will work on fixing this problem and in the meantime will use the “truth” campaign as my sponsor.  The dangers of smoking are serious, and while many of my friends and family are smokers or former smokers and might not like this, the possible results are too dire to forget.


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