I recently read a blog article (and this one too) from Brazen Careerist that convinced me that having a blog was absolutely crucial to the job search.  The idea is that you become an expert on something, without actually having it be your current career.  It’s a chance to prove your competence and passion.  Thus I begin “These Things I Know.”  They say to write what you know and what you’re passionate about… so I will, at the risk of being random.

Now, you might think that that means my blog won’t be very focused.  Well, I think differently.  Here are the bases I plan to cover frequently, because they are my interests and passions: international affairs, food, volunteer services, international development, environmental issues, and outdoor and sporting gear.  Possible side dishes: design, photography, sports, books, etc.  We’ll see what develops.

So here we go, my first try at blogging without it being overly personal (oh wah, I got a B- on my calculus test blah blah blah) as could be found on my Xanga back in the day.  For now, I’ll try for something a little more serious and analytical.


One thought on “Purpose

  1. I’m going thru the foundyourcareer.com course with you. I clicked on your name and found myself here. Just wanted to say good for you for the courage to start your blog. I’m planning on doing the same as well, and your first step was inspiring to me. So thank you. 😉 Good luck with your job search and all else.


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